Greece adventure tours split in two main categories.

both travels you in the amazing Greece nature, to the less known Greece

Greece adventure holidays are for travelers who love the outdoor activities and want a new experience, a different way to see Greece. These trips take you from largely unspoiled by the modern world mountain villages, remote monasteries and churches, traditional mountain villages, ruins of ancient Greek civilization, fishing villages with whitewashed flat-roofed houses and narrow streets, to the deep blue sea and bays with white sandy beaches and hidden coves for swimming, these trips take you to the unknown Greece.

  • Did you know that Greece is, after Switzerland, Europe’s most mountainous country, with Mount Olympus, legendary home of the 12 ancient gods, reaching 2900 meters.
  • Did you know that in Greece there are three of the longest gorges in Europe and among them the longest one, Samaria gorge at Crete and the deepest (Genes record book), Vikos gorge in Northern Greece .
  • Did you know that Greece has more than 6000 islands and islets, 250 of them inhabited.
  • Did you know that Greece’s coast line is half of the coast line of Africa.

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Best Time to Go: Mid-April to June. Wildflowers are plentiful especially in the spring when they carpet the slopes with colour and the ‘nectar of the gods’- honey is produced in copious quantities.
Also end of August to October – when the weather is worm but not hot, the sea waters are still warm and Greece much less overcrowded.
Our adventure holiday packages cover all Greece, mainland and Greek islands.

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