In the sunniest corner in Greece, in southeastern Aegean Sea is the complex of Dodecanese islands. Rhodes is the queen of Dodecanese because combines a truly cosmopolitan atmosphaere in a monumental Medieval City, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Rhodes is a perfect holiday destination which provides excellent tourism services, impotrant cultural and archaeological sites and unique natural beauty.Karpathos is an untouched by mass tourism destination. An island with dramatic landscapes, unforgettable turquoise waters and vintage mountainside villages, where the inhabitants keep its traditions truly alive! And at the end the great Crete! Pictures of Crete featured in travel books all over the world but its generous, warm-hearted spitir and its incomparable cuisine is a “secret” that you cannot discover it if you don’t live it!


Tour Code: 
Duration: 10 days / 9 nights
Season: All the year round
Location: Rhodes island, Karpathos island, Crete island 

Style: Island hopping – History – Mythology – Photography


  • Rhodes Island
  • Karpathos Island
  • Crete, Chania and Heraklion
  • Visit the archaeological sight of Knossos Palace and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum with official English speaking guide


  • Luxury car or minivan
  • Experienced En speaking driver
  • Hotels 3*, 4*, 5* or traditional guesthouses
  • Meals Breakfast (B,_,_)
  • Ferry tickets to Karpathos island
  • Ferry tickets to Crete island
  • Guided visit in the archaeological sight of Knossos and Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
  • Meet & Greet on the arrival at the airport


  • Flight ticket (Domestic flight tickets upon request)
  • Accommodation tax (0.5€ per day per room for guesthouses -1.5€ per day per room for 3* hotels – 3€ per day per room for 4* hotels – 4€ per day per room for 5* hotels) paid directly by the clients to hotel.                                                                                    

*All packages are flexible and dynamic for any changes according to any personal needs and desires upon request.

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Day 1: Rhodes arrival (_,_,_)

Arrival to Rhodes. Meet our staff at the airport. Transfer to your hotel. Rest of the day is free for the first experience with the island of Rhodes, the most visited island in Greece after Crete.

Day 2: Rhodes (B,_,_) 

Spend the days between cosmopolitan beaches and cultural walks. Rhodes is a multifaceted destination where well organized long sandy beaches with crystal waters and high quality tourism facilities mix with castles and ancient civilisations. There are aplenty of beaches, all beautifull but each one with its own unique character, beaches in Rhodes will definitely can satisfy every need and taste! The south-eastern beaches are most unspoiled, like Afandou Beach-one of the longest beaches in Rhodes with some organized parts. Agathi Beach is also a worth seeing beach with fine sand and shallow waters. On the way to the beach you will have the chance to visit the Medieval Castle of Feraclos. A very popular beach is Kallithea Beach with its world famous spa baths, built in 1920 by the Italians. Although they don’t function anymore, their impressive mosaics, influenced from the Arabic architecture and the pine and palm trees that they surround them make a magnificent place. Also one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes is Antony Quinn Bay, emerald waters with a lush vegetation background, makes the landscape to seems like out of a carte postale. If you looking for a high organized beach, than Faliraki Beach is the most popular. A famous beach with the numerous of bars, clubs and restaurants in the narrow streets to promise the liveliest fun ever! Do not miss to visit Rhodes Town Beach, Elli. A beach with multi-coloured umbrellas that takes you back to the vintage cosmopolitan spirit of 70’s.

Day 3: Rhodes (B,_,_)

Today you can visit one of the most special and traditional villages in Rhodes. An ideal morning excursion in Lindos is an excellent choice because you will see one of the most pictuesque villages of Rhodes and you will swimm in an unforgettable beach. The ancient Acropolis of Lindos, staying on its hilltop is one of the most popular and impressive sights of antiquity. You will admire incredible views of the Aegean Sea and St. Paul’s Bay and you will wonder in the “cycladic” village of Rhodes, the Town of Lindos. A different architeqture, like a cycladic island with sugar-cubic houses, blue blooming windows and a labyrinth of alleways with shops, cafes and restaurants. East of the Acropolis located the beautiful main beach of Lindos, Megali Paralia, a well organized beach. At the west side, after a 10 minutes walk from the town of Lindos is the small bay of St. Paul, where the chapel of St. Paul located and makes the landscape even more attractive!

Day 4: Rhodes (B,_,_) 

The Old Town of Rhodes is one of the largest medieval towns in Europe and with its strong walls, the cobbled streets, the elegant mansions and the medieval castle, it will magically step you back in time. Strolling within the medieval walls you will have the chance to explore twenty-four centuries of history and to admire the beauty of different cultures and civilizations. The most famous road in the Old Town is the cobblestoned Street of the Knights, preserved just as it was in the Middle Ages, full of the inns that used to host the soldiers of the Order of the Knights. At the highest point in the road is the impresive Palace of the Grand Master, a castle with huge towers that today is open as a museum. Outside the walls of the Old Town is the modern city Mandraki with its Venetian, neoclassic and modern buildins. At Mandraki’s marina are the emblems of the island, a deer and a doe. Walking down the coastal roar you will see the vintage side of the island and you will feel the glamour from previous times. On the way you will find the Aquarium and the most cosmopolitan beach of Rhodes.

Day 5: Karpathos Island (B,_,_) 

After breakfast you will be transfered to Rhodes port to take your ferry to Karpathos Island. On the arrival, private transfer to your hotel and rest of the day is free to relax and take a small taste from this island which has kept hold in the most authentic way of its traditions, dialect, local customs and old habits.

Day 6: Karpathos Island (B,_,_) 

Between Crete and Rhodes located Karpathos. Actually between two perfectly organized islands located a raw gem of the South Aegean sea where the time has stopped centuries ago and by visiting Karpathos island you really have the impression that it’s about a trip through the Time! More than any other Greek island, Karpathos villages are totally worthseeing. Built on the slopes of the mountains with dozens of windmills, small churches, humble but colorful houses, bakeries and everywhere small narrow passageways ready to lead you to an incredible beauty. The most famous is Olympos village and fairly so. It was built between the 7th and the 9th century in a hidden and inaccessible location so that the settlers could be protected from pirate ships. Ensure with this way their freedom and safety they also managed to become self-sufficient, hard workers and great traditional musicians. Till our days the residents have keep hold all these virtues although they have open their place to tourism up. Menetes is also another  truly  beautiful village with spectacular views, houses in pastel colors and smells from hot sesame bread rings, just baked in outdoor stone-ovens. In Menetes located the great church of Panagia, where in mid-August take place the biggest local festive of the island.. Pigadia is the capital of Karpathos and the center of island’s life. It is the largest and the most touristic settlement with a lot of facilities and it is the base to explore the island. It’s worth to visit also Diafani village, a small fishing village which is actually the harbour of the Olympos village and Arkasa village with its important historical monuments and a beautiful marine landscape. 

Day 7: Karpathos Island (B,_,_) 

In Karpathos you will find paradise beaches, all calm with emerald waters. There are easily accessible and the same time isolated beaches with the basics amenities like the Apella Beach, twice voted as the best beach in Europe and Achata Beach, a quiet pebbles beach with some umbrellas and sunbeds and a nearby tavern. One of the most beautiful beaches in Karpathos is Diakoftis Beach but it is a little bit difficult to access it but totaly worth it! Well organizes beaches like Lefkos Beach and the famous Kyra Panagia Beach are very popular and “must-swimming” beaches!

Day 8: Karpathos Island (B,_,_) 

In Karpathos you will have the opportunity to taste pure traditional savory and sweet dishes, all based on the ingredients of its fertile land and cooked according to the oldest traditions. Τill now the Karpathean use in their everyday life their wood-burning ovens. Spend your time on this island like a local, you won’t regret it!

Day 9: Crete Island (B,_,_) 

After breakfast you will be transfered to Karpathos port to take your ferry to Crete, Chania. On the arrival, private transfer to your hotel and rest of the day is free.At the steps of Zorbas the Greek..means not only to dance the magical dance of Systaki but also to being generous, authentic, welcoming and warm, exactly what Crete is. This mystical place is not just a beautiful holiday destination but also a lifestyle. 

Day 10: Crete, Chania (B,_,_) 

Chania is possibly the most beautiful town in Crete, although beauty is subjective. It is a great base for some of the most worth seeing places in Crete and the best spot to OOO the most photograped beaches of the island. Influences from Venetians, Byzantines and Ottomans created a multicultural scenic in totaly harmony with the mediterranean elements. As you stroll around the Old Town of Chania you will visit the Old Venetian Harbour  with its imposing Lighthouse, the beautiful seaside Kucuk Hasan mosque, one of the buildings of the Turks in Crete. Inside the Old Port of Chania located a magnificent building, the Grand Arsenal and exists around since 1585. Today the Mediterranean Architecture Center, Grand Arsenal hosts cultural and architectural events and exhibitions. Admire the sunset up to the Kastelli Hill and visit the atmospheric region of Tabakaria, an industrial area since 1840 with tanneries next to the shallow sea for processing the leather. Finally do not miss to visit the Apokoronas villages, a complex of 34 truly traditional settlements only 20 minutes outside of the town. This is the ideal place to experience authentic Cretan cuisine and to discover the real way of living the Cretans.

Day 8: Crete, Chania (B,_,_) 

Crete’s west is fairly known for its exotic seascapes, the endless beaches and its hot sun, hosting some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Europe. Top on the list is the Elafonisi Beach, crystal shallow waters and a pink carpet of shells (also known as the Pink Sand Beach) make this beach a unique tropical destination. Located 75km from the town of Chania and you can easily get there by daily bus service or even by boat. 56km north-west of Chania you will find the famous beach of Balos, maybe the most photographed beach in Crete. Fine white sand, turquoise shallow waters and a sandy strip connecting the mainland with a rocky peninsula, composing a magical saescape. If you visit Balos by boat from Kasteli then you will also visit Gramvousa Beach with its beautiful Venetian castle. A very nice choice for a daily trip. Falassarna Beach included also in the best beaches of the world together with Balos and Elafonisi. Finally Stavros Beach, which is popular from the movie Zorbas the Greek, where Antony Quinn dances on this beach lacated only 16km out of Chania and you will enjoy not only the hot, shallow, green waters but also the many options in cafes, bars and restaurants!

Day 9: Crete, Heraklion (B,_,_) 

After breakfast pick up from your hotel and private transfer to Heraklion. In order to complete your visit in Crete you shoulden’t leave befor you see the major urban city of the island, Heraklion. On the way to Heraklion you will have a short stop in  Rethymnon, a romantic city with Venetian and Ottoman influences. You will visit the Fortezza of the city and the Arkadi Monastery, one of the finest Venetian Churches. Arrival at Heraklion, check in and rest of the day is free. Stroll around the Old Town and enjoy a drink or a dinner at its beautiful waterfront area. Admire the notable monument, the Venetian Fort of Koulas which dating from the early 16th century and enjoy a scenic walk!

Day 10: Crete, Heraklion (B,_,_) 

After breakfast pick up from your hotel for your guided tour in Knossos Palace. You will explore remnants of courtyards, shrines, great halls and royal appartments adorned with frescoes. You will also learn about architectural of Knossos and later you will continue with the visit of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. After all,  drive to Heraklion a/p for your home flight.