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Santorini Island

Santorini is a unique island, located at the south end of the Cyclades island complex. In the 15th century BC the volcano eruptedSantorini-View and the center of the island collapsed into the sea forming the caldera. The black beaches, the precipice surrounding the caldera, the twisted, colourful rocks and the steep cliffs all give the island a distinctive quality.
Santorini has often been connected with Atlantis, the legendary continent that plunged to the bottom of the sea while it was at its zenith. In Plato's dialogues 'Timaeus' and 'Critias' it is mentioned that "the kingdom" consisted of two islands, the 'larger' and the 'smaller', and there were ten cities. He mentioned two of them, the 'Royal city' and the 'Metropolis'. Perhaps Crete was the 'larger' island, with the 'Royal city', and Santorini, with which Crete had ties, would have been the 'smaller' island with 'Metropolis'. Today the question still remains. Is Santorini the lost Atlantis?
Accommodation in Santorini can be split  in two main categories. The one available on the cliffs of the island with volcano view and sun set view, that is caldera view, and the other one that has  no view of the caldera but might have nice view of the sea at the east or south of the island. Accommodation with caldera view is more expensive.
The best know products of Santorini island are its wines and in particular the white one, one of the best worldwide and its small tomatos grown virtually without water. The climate is mild and dry. During the summer temperature is between 25- 35 degrees. 
Santorini has magnificent beaches, created by the volcano, where the sand is black, red, or white and the sea is deep blue and crystal clear.

Fira town

The island capital of Santorini, Fira clings to the edge of a cliff, which is, in fact, the rim of the carter. During the earthquakes of 1956 a considerable part of the town was destroyed. Nevertheless many of the typical 18th century houses still survive. The wonderful architecture the deep blue sea and the volcano comprise a unique picture. 600 steps will lead you down to the caldera to the old harbour of Fira, where you may Santorini-Firachoose either the "teleferic" or the traditional "donkeys” for the way back. Fira is a modern town where nightlife never stops. The plurality of  bars, discos, coffee shops, restaurants will satisfy almost any need. Up to 1980  Fira was one of the two ports of Santorini island with no capability of cars transfer. Diemparcation of of the people in the old harbour it is done by small boats. Then the port has been transferred at the bay Athinios, 12 klm at the south of Fira in order to facilitate access to cars. Athinios is now the main port of Santorini; the ships of the line do not stop at Oia or Fira anymore. Today the old port of Fira is available for yatches, providing good facilities for them

Places to visit

Don’t miss to visit the excavations at Akrotiri started  in 1967. Ruins of a Minoan city were found which had been destroyed around the year 1500c B.C. by an eruption of the volcano of Thera. It is a case of a prehistoric Pompeii buried under the lava with two and three storey buildings, city squares, shops and workshops. Marvelous frescoes were found in some of the houses. The original frescoes can by seen in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Vases and utensils in everyday use were also found.

Santorini OIa A unique place. Must  be seen, there are no words to describe it. The best sun set in the island.


Near Akrotiri one can visit two beautiful beaches, the Red beach (Kokkini Paralia) and the White beach (Aspri Paralia). The Red beach has taken its name from the impressive red lava cliffs droping to the sea and surrounding the beach. Walk to the Red beach from Akrotiri and enjoy the view, where soaring red lava cliffs that drop into the clear blue sea, form a majestic setting. Taverns and a few places more for meals and snacks can be found here. The White beach is accessible by caique only, which one can take from the shore to the right of Akrotiri. It is nice to explore the under water scenery around the white islet, so don’t forget your mask.

 Black sand, pebbles and crystal-clear water characterize Kamari beach that stretches for 5 km in length along the eastern coast of Santorini. Water sports facilities are available at Kamari beach. On the sea front you can find, restaurants, taverns, tourist shops cafes etc

8 km of black sand and clear deep blue sea, numerous facilities as Water sports, camping, seafront taverns and anything else you can imagine have made Perissa one of the most popular beaches on the island Situated at the Southeastern part of the island, it is Kamari beachone of the most impressive beaches in the Aegean. Black sand, made of lava, is extended for some 7 klm, combined with crystal clear water and a glaring and burning sun. Due to this unique combination, Perissa is the most popular beach.

Continuation of Perissa, a relatively quiet beach. Sports facilities, taverns and bars are available.

 Red Beach
Just a step from the archaeological site of Akrotiri it is situated Kokkini Ammos. Not only one finds again the black sand and blue water; the beach has taken its name ("red beach") from the impressive red lava cliffs droping to the sea and surrounding the beach. This impressive beach seems to have been painted on one of the frescoes found in the Minoan settlement. Tolerant to nudism.

 Vourvoulos beach
Two successive beaches, some 7 klm far from Fira at the Northeast. Sandy, with clear blue water, not very crowded. Access is possible by car and motorbike. Walking from Vourvoulos is also an alternative.

 Monolithos beach
Situated at the eastern part of the island, long enough, with dark sand, deep blue clear water, the beach of Monolithos is more quiet than the near by Kamari, but the landscape is the same beautiful


Santorini SunsetSituated 3 klm of Fira at the Northwest, Imerovigli is a typically Cycladic settlement, with traditional low, white washed houses with terraces, narrow pebble paved streets and numerous tiny churches found in every quartier. This settlement of 460 permanent residents has been declared preservable. Built at the rim of the volcanic crater, 300 m. high, it has an extraordinary view to the caldera, fully justifying its name

Situated almost at the center of the island, this inland village is only 4 klm far from Fira, at the Southeast. Messaria has 1.075 permanent residents and it is the heart of the Santorini wine. Surrounded by gardens and vineyards, with its white houses and narrow paths, it is possibly the most beautiful village of the island

An inland village built on the slope of the mountain Profitis Ilias, Pyrgos is situated 7,5 klm far from Fira, at the southeast and has 730 permanent residents. The houses are arranged amphitheatrically surrounding the remains of the Venetian castle (today known as "kasteli") offering a magnificent view

One of the best organised places in Santorini Kamari is situated 10 klm far from Fira, at the South east. It is a new village, reconstructed after the earthquake of 1956 and fully developed in a touristic resort, with 1350 permanent residents. Apart from the beach, it is worthseeing the ruins of ancient buildings by the sea

How to get there

  • By air: from Athens Airport, Thessaloniki, Mykonos
  • By Ferry: from Piraeus, Rafina and other Aegean islands.

Excursions - Boat Tours

  • Volcano visit: Small boat 3 hrs trip to volcano and palaia kameni Departure from Fira old port, Ahtenio new port and other places. Every day middle April to middle October
  • Sunset trip: Small boad 6-7 hrs trip to Volcano, Hot spring, Theressia, Oia sunset. Departure from Fira old port, Ahtenios new port and other places.  Every day middle April to middle October
  • Santorini in one day : Prophitis Ilias Monastery - Pyrgos Village - Volcano - Hot Springs - Thirassia - Sunset in Oia.  Weekly 2 - 3 times  middle April to middle October

Request our special prices for individuals and groups for boat tours and excurrsions in Santorini

Santorini island is very popular island and is always  part of any Greek island or Mediterranean cruise. It is easily combined with Kousantansi (Turkey), Mykonos, Patmos and Crete.

Island Hopping : Santorini is combined with Mykonos, Crete, Ios, Paros, Naxos islands in our packages. Other island combination upon request.  

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